What does my case status mean?

DIP – A decision in principle in in progress on the online portal.

DIP issued – The decision in principle has been issued and presented to the borrower.

New – An application form is in progress on the online portal.

Submitted – The application form has been submitted to the borrower to confirm and sign.

Application form signed – The application form has been signed by the borrower and the case has been assigned to a case manager and underwriter. The broker will now receive a task to pay the valuation fee.

Fee paid – The broker has paid the valuation fee.

Packing – The assigned case manager is carrying out initial due diligence checks on the borrower, property and portfolio.

Reviewing – The assigned underwriter is assessing the case.

Valuation – The valuation has been instructed.

Underwriting valuation – We have received the valuation report and the case is being underwritten.

Preparing offer – The assigned underwriter is ready to proceed to a formal offer.

Offer – The offer has been issued to the borrower to e-sign via DocuSign.

Offer signed – The borrower has signed the offer.

Legals instructed – We have sent formal instructions to our solicitors.

ROT received – Solicitors will send the report on title and request funds for completion.

ROT reviewed – The assigned underwriter will review the report on title to ensure conditions are met as per the mortgage offer.

Funds released – The case has been signed off for completion and the funds have been sent to the designated solicitor for completion.

Completed – Solicitors will confirm completion and the status will be updated.