1. About LendInvest

  • What is LendInvest?

    LendInvest is the UK’s leading online platform for property lending and investing. Using our experienced team of mortgage lending professionals and proprietary technology, we lend to people and companies looking for mortgages to fund property purchases, renovations, and developments. These loans are then subsequently funded by either the LendInvest Platform, LendInvest Capital or dedicated institutional funding lines.

  • Who is behind LendInvest?

    Please refer to our About Us page which can be found here.

  • Is LendInvest regulated?

    LendInvest Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in relation to consumer credit and credit broking. Our registration details are available on the FCA Interim Permission Consumer Credit Register under Firm Reference, 658890.

    There are also other regulated entities within LendInvest group of companies:

    LendInvest Funds Management Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of LendInvest Ltd) is authorised and regulated by the FCA in relation to fund management activities. Our registration details are available on FCA Financial Services Register under Firm reference, 624223. LendInvest Funds Management Ltd is the designated Fund Manager of LendInvest Income Fund, a UK based unregulated collective investment scheme (AIF).

    LendInvest Real Estate Opportunities Fund is a sub-fund within LFP1 SICAV SIF which is a Fund (SICAV SIF-AIF) domiciled in Luxembourg. The Fund is authorised and regulated by Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). The designated Fund Manager is Luxembourg Fund Partners (LFP) which is a full scope AIFM, authorised and regulated by CSSF.

  • What is online lending?

    Online lending is the practice of (i) lending money to individuals or businesses through online platforms and (ii) enabling investors to either lend directly to those borrowers or to invest in the loans to those borrowers. Borrowers are often able to gain access to funds quickly and at competitive rates of interest, making online lending an attractive alternative to traditional forms of finance. Investors are able to gain access to a market to which they may otherwise be unable to invest in.

  • Why does LendInvest only operate in the property market?

    LendInvest has a solid track record on lending in the property market since 2008 and we have an experienced team of mortgage lending professionals with over 75 years’ industry experience and who know and understand the property market. We believe in sticking to what you know and what we know is that there is huge potential for investors and borrowers to benefit from our experience if we continue to grow and focus on this asset class.

  • What is LendInvest's track record?

    LendInvest was spun out of Montello in 2013, a specialist real estate finance business which launched in late 2008. We have already funded over £750 million in loans to date against over 2,500 new and rebuilt homes worth more than £1.2 billion. We are also a profitable business, reporting profits for our first two years in business. We completed the world’s largest ever online loan (£4.2m) in January 2014 (as reported on the front page of the Financial Times).

    For more information, have a look at our statistics page, which can be found here.

  • Does LendInvest lend against anything other than property?

    No. We only lend against property. All of our loans are secured by a legal charge which is registered against the relevant property. Depending on the creditworthiness of the borrower, we also take security over the borrower’s other assets and may even take personal guarantees from key players in the borrower’s business.

  • Why do people borrow through LendInvest and not traditional means of finance?

    Bridging finance is a popular form of funding for property investors, landlords and developers that need to move quickly to secure a purchase or move onto the next stage of their property project. At LendInvest we pride ourselves on our ability to move quickly and work flexibly to accommodate our borrowers and their brokers.

    At LendInvest, we are developing technology-based tools and processes that make the mortgage application process an all-round better customer experience. The average mortgage takes three months in the UK. We are able to make the process smoother, easier and, most importantly, faster. With LendInvest, borrowers are typically able to complete their mortgage application with us within 7 to 14 days.

  • What is the proportion of individual consumer funds deployed, compared to institutional, on the online platform?

    70% of investments on our platform are made by individual investors. The remaining 30% are made by small companies.

  • What is the relationship between LendInvest and LendInvest Capital?

    LendInvest was spun out of Montello Bridging Finance in 2013 as an online investing and lending platform. Montello and LendInvest continued to work closely together and in 2015 it made sense to restructure the businesses, making Montello a subsidiary of Lendinvest and part of the LendInvest brand. Subsequently, Montello was renamed LendInvest Capital.
    Today LendInvest Capital is the fund management and advisory division of LendInvest. It manages £250 million of assets on behalf of institutional investors, banks, family offices and private clients which are invested in property loans originated by the LendInvest team.

    For more information about LendInvest Capital, please see the website here.